Style guide and SOP


We use sentence case for headings. Feature articles have subtitles which have ending punctuation.

We love subheadings

We use h2 and h3 for subheadings and sub-subheadings as much as we want because they improve readability and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Alternative text is required for accessibility reasons; it’s a web standard and missing it will also hurt SEO. Captions are nice. Titles and descriptions help us find images in the media library and keep track of any additional information related to the image.

Feature images

Feature images on FEATURE ARTICLES, should be 1400px wide and roughly have that in height. But they should be uploaded as JPGs and compressed so their file size is under 200kb. Smaller is better, because smaller is faster.

Other images should aim to be under 100kb, but we don’t want them to look bad either. Here’s a free online tool to resize, crop and compress images: 


More soon.

Feature articles

More soon.


More soon.


Some photos to be formatted for upload to the media library after we finish the feature articles.