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Sunset snowmobile ride on Baffin Island.

Nightrider. Baffin Island. Get on board! I’m pumped to have new subscribers to our list since my invitation went out […]

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Billy Jr. waits on the sea ice in Nunavut.

Patience, my friends, patience. Billy Jr. waits on the sea ice between #baffinisland and #bylotisland. #meetthenorth #lindbladexpeditions #pondinlet #nunavut #nunavummiut #hunter #patience […]

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Rest in routine

An iceberg on Baffin Island.

Thirty days ago, we embarked on November, which is usually my least favourite time of year. To heck with that, […]

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‘Til it’s gone

Snow on Baffin Island.

Letting winter settle in. Appreciating it not only for its sting but for its quiet. So here’s my feedback for […]

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World Headquarters

Jenny at HQ

Meet the North HQ. Welcome to the little room in Ottawa where this all began. Today: last minute lists, shopping, […]

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