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A fresh take

Poppies in Arctic Iceland.

It takes me some time to accept that summer is truly over. I tend to be slow with transitions of […]

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Pleasant surprise

A closeup of a midge on a flower.

#iceland has #flowers! The botanical garden in Akureyri was a real surprise to me. Lush, diverse, warm! and buzzing with […]

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Giving thanks

Pink flowers spring from the cliffs in the Outer Hebrides

It’s been six months since I boarded the first of many airplanes to explore the first of many communities for […]

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Up close crowberry with a droplet of water

(Post 3 of 3) It’s time for us to head to the part of Iceland which is “the most Arctic,” […]

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Anna Lena in the kitchen with her fresh flowers

(Post 3 of 4) Anna Lena Ekeblad has been living in Longyearbyen for 20 years, and she received us in […]

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