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Accordion surprise

A wall of accordions in Iceland.

Number ONE reason I love the Arctic nations: they are full of surprises. #meetthenorth #lindbladexpeditions #accordion #iceland #northerniceland #museum #surprise #musiclover #accordions #gramophone

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Meet Zoe

Zoe Oopik Elveru in her bedroom.

“Zoe Oopik Elverum. Pond Inlet. I’ve been here my whole life, attended school, never lived anywhere else. I love to […]

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Margrét's piano with sheet music

(Post 3 of 3) “Here, I am half way to heaven. I’m not sure I’m going to get any closer.” […]

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The men's choir sings

(Post 2 of 6) Look at these happy gents and welcome to the Store Norske Mandskor’s annual concert. This is […]

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Espen conducts the men's choir

(Post 3 of 6) Meet Espen Rotevatn – conductor, music teacher, former church organist and the leader of the newly […]

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