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No fences

Wild horses in Russia.

I haven’t told you much about the Arctic horses yet. They are beautiful survivors. They wander the taiga, over permafrost, […]

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Ice, ocean, petrel

A petrel flies over ice in Antarctica.

Inspired by @jasperdoest ‘s beautiful post today, may you find a little piece of paradise this weekend. Photo by Eric Guth in Antarctica. Ice, […]

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Shimmer of green

The aurora borealis behind the tent.

Night time is getting longer and longer. Ice begins to take over the ponds and the snow line creeps down […]

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Tools of the trade

Tools needed for being a reindeer herder.

Every trade has its tools and for every reindeer herder in this brigade that means binoculars and a good knife. […]

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Out on the tundra

The herd out on the tundra in Eastern Russia.

The herd. Grunt, click, whoosh, clack . The herders have brought them together, past the river valley, headed towards camp. […]

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Ptarmigans on the wing

Ptarmigans on the wing over the Serpentine River in the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve–filling the air with their gurgly […]

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