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Feast together

A shared meal in Russia before going out dancing.

It’s a good time to feast together, whether it’s Easter or Passover or Spring (or Fall!). Here we are sharing […]

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Hungry kitty

A cat peeks onto a counter.

A hungry kitty from our visit to Aasiaat, Greenland. Sorine Petersen prepares seal meat for dinner. We will eat the […]

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Food for thought

Home grown Greenlandic potatoes.

Portrait of Climate Change. Home grown potatoes in Ilulissat, Greenland. Ole Gamst-Pedersen, the curator of the art museum grew them […]

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The community of Pond Inlet gathers in preparation for a feast.

Post 2 of 4 |    The community of Pond Inlet prays and prepares for the feast laid out before […]

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A selection of meats at the Pond Inlet community feast.

Post 3 of 4 |    Suppertime. Bring your own knife. Norman prepares some food for us to try at […]

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Alexandria Siakuluk, a little girl from Pond Inlet, eats a piece of narwhal skin from her father's hand.

Post 4 of 4 |  Food is more than fuel; it’s culture. Alexandria Siakuluk’s father feeds her a piece of […]

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