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Transported beauty

Sven Lindblad in New York City.

As it turns out, the beauty of the ice can be transported. Zaria Forman has figured out how. Here,Sven Lindblad- […]

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Days like this

A polar bear in the Canadian arctic.

I miss days like this. . . I’m already looking forward to more of them this summer in the Canadian […]

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Traveling on a zodiac in South Georgia.

Blues and greens, ice and mountains … it’s a peaceful day in Drygalski Fjord, South Georgia. Meet the North and […]

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2017 in review

2017 in review

This year … A narwhal blessing in Nunavut An icy dreamscape in Antarctica Our arrival to the herders of Chukotka, […]

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Back in action

A map of the north.

Back in action after a long break from the internet up here in Nunavut and Greenland. We’ve been setting our […]

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Arctic gallery

Meet the North has played a small role in helping to create the new arctic gallery at the Museum of Nature.

Look at this bear! This fireweed! It’s been a privilege to work with the experts at the Museum of Nature […]

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Reflecting on the generosity of the North in New York City.

I’m in New York City, awash in the sensory overload that makes this place an endless wonder. I’ll be speaking […]

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