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No fences

Wild horses in Russia.

I haven’t told you much about the Arctic horses yet. They are beautiful survivors. They wander the taiga, over permafrost, […]

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Giving thanks

Eric shares his photos with some local people.

It’s Thanksgiving in Canada today, and I’m really far away from home, so here’s a toast to Eric Guth, my companion […]

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Tools of the trade

Tools needed for being a reindeer herder.

Every trade has its tools and for every reindeer herder in this brigade that means binoculars and a good knife. […]

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Out on the tundra

The herd out on the tundra in Eastern Russia.

The herd. Grunt, click, whoosh, clack . The herders have brought them together, past the river valley, headed towards camp. […]

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Goodnight moon

Goodnight moon.

Goodnight Moon. #arcticlife #moon #photooftheday #meetthenorth #lindbladexpeditions #eveninglight #tundra #sirmiliknationalpark #kamutik #sled #bylotisland #pondinlet Photo by Eric Guth

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Aimless wandering

Jenny wanders into the Alaskan tundra on an early morning.

Springtime looks different around the Arctic Circle, but don’t let the snow fool you. Renewal is in the air, no […]

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