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Spooky sparkler

One of Páll Óskar's backup dancers.

Get your Hallowe’en on! This dancer is part of Páll Óskar’s travelling Icelandic dance music sensation. Here, a wee fan […]

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Beautiful falls cascade

(Post 2 of 3) So far so good on our way to Fosslaug hot springs near Varmahlið. We made all […]

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Jenny crouches in a hot pool that isn't very hot

(Post 3 of 3) Success! . . . sort of. It’s a cold and windy day, but we tracked down […]

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Lauga in the room where she sleeps during lambing season

(Post 2 of 3) Raising sheep is Lauga’s hobby, and she is darned good at it. This is her room, […]

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Lauga, Eyberg and Jenny sit around the kitchen table

(Post 3 of 3) Before we leave Hraun-Háls, we visit in the kitchen over cake, whipped cream and fresh milk. […]

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