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Stand out

Penguins in honour of year of the bird.

Birds? You like ‘em? Check out my friend Jamie Coleman to get prepped for National Geographic’s Year of the Bird. It has […]

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Spooky sparkler

One of Páll Óskar's backup dancers.

Get your Hallowe’en on! This dancer is part of Páll Óskar’s travelling Icelandic dance music sensation. Here, a wee fan […]

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Beautiful falls cascade

(Post 2 of 3) So far so good on our way to Fosslaug hot springs near Varmahlið. We made all […]

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Jenny crouches in a hot pool that isn't very hot

(Post 3 of 3) Success! . . . sort of. It’s a cold and windy day, but we tracked down […]

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Lauga in the room where she sleeps during lambing season

(Post 2 of 3) Raising sheep is Lauga’s hobby, and she is darned good at it. This is her room, […]

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