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Jenny was in Scotland two years ago to start Meet the North.

  #meetthenorth in Scotland! It was two years ago this week that I packed my bags to begin this project, […]

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Giving thanks

Pink flowers spring from the cliffs in the Outer Hebrides

It’s been six months since I boarded the first of many airplanes to explore the first of many communities for […]

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A view from the hill behind the North Uist house

Looking down to the house where I’m staying on North Uist, Outer Hebrides, right before the next squall comes in. […]

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A rainbow over our place on North Uist

This is home for now. A squall nearly lifts me off my feet every ten minutes…keeping me on my toes. […]

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Driving the beach at low tide on North Uist

Angus is a farmer, but here’s the catch: he grazes his cows on an island that can only be reached […]

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Kite flying on North Uist

These chaps know how to love the windy weather. The kite nearly pulled them off the ground.

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