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Cracks in a sheet of ice over water.

It’s not a black and white world, no matter what they tell you. Listen for the bigger story. 

#meetthenorth #meetthesouth […]

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Quiet work

Ivan looks for hazards on the National Geographic Explorer.

Keeping watch. Every hour that we travel on the National Geographic Explorer there is at least one person on constant […]

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A penguin separated from its raft of fellow penguins.

I’ve spent the first ten days of this year in relative silence, holding myself slightly apart from the crowd. I […]

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To the beyond

A boat full of people passes a cavernous iceberg.

Down here, a stroll through the neighbourhood looks like this. Each glacier face is uniquely unpredictable. Despite our attempts to […]

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A diving penguin.

Joy to the World. Merry Christmas from Antarctica! ❤️ #meetthenorth #meetthesouth #antarcticambassadors #blue #beauty #beneaththesurface #penguins #overunder #antarctica #iceberg @eric_guth

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Spare a moment

A pod of killer whales.

We awoke this morning to dozens of killer whales around our ship – close enough to see them beneath the […]

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Adorable Antarcticans

Gentoo penguins.

They’re cute. They’re tough. It wouldn’t be Antarctica without them. I just wish I could understand what they are saying […]

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Look deeply

An Antarctic iceberg.

Antarctica constantly reminds me to look beneath the surface. Watching the icebergs reinforces what I keep in mind when I […]

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