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Look deeply

An Antarctic iceberg.

Antarctica constantly reminds me to look beneath the surface. Watching the icebergs reinforces what I keep in mind when I […]

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Rest in routine

An iceberg on Baffin Island.

Thirty days ago, we embarked on November, which is usually my least favourite time of year. To heck with that, […]

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A lesson in endurance

Jake Awa dances.

Endurance. Emphasizing the results of a journey doesn’t take into account the perseverance it took to get them. Endurance is […]

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‘Til it’s gone

Snow on Baffin Island.

Letting winter settle in. Appreciating it not only for its sting but for its quiet. So here’s my feedback for […]

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Are you listening?

Thomas Panipakoocho, a young boy, stands smiling.

Everyone has a voice. I write this because “giving voice” is a phrase I’ve heard in relation to our work, […]

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Danish guide Kasper Jæger.

Post 2 of 2. Danish guide Kasper Jæger reflects on his dream to be part of the patrol that travels […]

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Feed the flames

A local feeds a bonfire with diesel fuel in northern Iceland.

An idea persists that we’re standing at the edge of something, dipping our toes in the water, looking out into […]

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A fresh take

Poppies in Arctic Iceland.

It takes me some time to accept that summer is truly over. I tend to be slow with transitions of […]

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