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Meet Magnus

Magnus Salvarsson sits with a puffin net.

Magnus Salvarsson is a fifth generation islander here on Vigur in Iceland. It’s a tiny place, 2kms long by 400m […]

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So long, sunshine

A father walks home with his daughter in Pond Inlet.

Happy Father’s Day to Iceland and Norway! Two Arctic countries celebrate their dads today, and we are joining in with […]

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Meet Haukur

Haukur Orri poses in his costume at the Siglufjordur Herring Museum.

Post 1 of 2. Meet Haukur Orri. He’s 16, and he plays a mean accordion even though he only started […]

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Haukur Orri poses in front of a shelf filled with skis.

Post 2 of 2. Haukur loves his town. “I’m not leaving,” he says, “When I got to Reykjavik I’m like […]

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Valgeir - a part-time resident of Flatey Island.

Post 2 of 2 Valgeir’s grandparents lived here on Flatey in Iceland. The family still owns the house but it’s […]

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Olga and her family during snack time

(Post 2 of 5) It’s not quite supper time in Olga’s kitchen, but it’s time for cake. When Eric and […]

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Relaxing after dinner in the Minni-Mástanga farmhouse living room

(Post 5 of 5) After a dinner of lamb, potatoes, cabbage and the most delicious gravy, the family at Minni-Mástunga […]

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Makka's memory wall displays a variety of artifacts

(Post 3 of 6) Tuku’s mother, Makka, didn’t want her picture taken, but she let me take photos of her […]

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Tuku takes a picture of herself dressed in traditional clothing

(Post 6 of 6) The evening culminated here. By now it is after 10 pm and we have pulled out […]

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